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Rilegatori in Viterbo dal 1891

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La legatoria Viali a Viterbo
The LAntica Legatoria Viali has operated in Viterbo since 1891 using artisanal methods and the best materials and techniques. La legatoria a Viterbo
Attivit della legatoria
Our bookbinders in Viterbo offers all types of binding in leather, half leather, prestigious paper and cloth Attivit della legatoria
Prodotti della legatoria
Guestbooks , photograph albums, diaries, binding of magazines and newspapers, deeds bound on site and the repair and conservation of antique books Prodotti della legatoria
Photo gallery of binding and decorative binding in our workshop in Viterbo.

Every type of binding using different materials (e.g. leather, cloth, paper, or synthetic leather) and various techniques (cotton thread, French-style binding, Bradel, paperback, and the Lumbeck system) have been practiced by L'Antica Legatoria Viali since 1891 in their workshop in the heart of the historic centre of Viterbo
On this page you will find some examples of our activities.

For more information contact us or come to visit us at the bookbinders shop in Viterbo, Piazza Dante Alighieri, 8.

Our bindings

Thanks to the use of the best materials for binding albums, hardback books, volumes, magazines or thesis for university, and the craftsmanship employed in all phases of the work; all our products are finished to the finest detail and are made to last.

Half leather binding
A half leather binding is defined as a book that has the spine and the angles of the cover covered in leather, parchment or also in material and the sides covered with decorated paper or cloth.

Binding in all leather
The binding is all in leather and the book is completed covered with leather or parchment

Binding in Cloth
The cover is in cloth; cotton, linen or hessian

Binding in inlaid leather
In this type of binding the leather that covers the book, like that in All Leather, the entire volume is cut and other coloured leathers are inserted like a mosaic; or different coloured leathers are applied over the first layer.

Binding with synthetic materials
A simple and economical binding using synthetic materials (imitation leather or vinyl)

Paperback Binding
By paperback is defined as a simple and economical binding sown without cords or tapes or when there are single pages, gluing using the Lumbeck technique and whether the cover is paper or cardboard it is glued directly to the spine of the volume which remains soft and flexible.

Thread stiched paperback binding
The pages that make up the volume are sown together onto webbing or cords

Binding using the Lumbeck system (as a fan)
This technique is particularly effective for gluing single pages that cant be sown

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